Cyclone Moreland City Council

We’ve been hit with Cyclone Moreland City Council (#CycloneMCC) : On Thursday morning, a suprise visit from members of the MCC ended (for now) with an Emergency Order being issued, effectively giving us (Matt (Swampy), Nik and Pip) four days to evacuate the residence. That’s not many days !

The next front of council inspections hit Magnet on Tuesday.

We need support you guys!


Matt with Jub Jub (housemate number 3.5) in our apartment


The Low Down:

At ten thirty on Thursday the 15th June 2017, two members of Moreland City Council arrived, unannounced at our door. Matt answered the door and the council members promptly let themselves in. They claimed there had been a complaint made against us alleging we were hosting 30 backpackers a night and affirmed that because the  ‘commerical property’ we are dwelling in is zoned Industrial One, using the site as accommodation is strictly prohibited.



One of the rooms in the apartment that the council members walked into to serve us the emergency evacuation notice.


The kitchen that the council members walked into when serving us our emergency evacuation notice

The kitchen that the council members walked into when serving us our emergency evacuation notice


Later that day an Emergency Order was sent to us which insists we are to vacate the residence by 12.30 on Tuesday the 20th June. We were offered (an appalling) four days to pack up our belongings, find alternative accomodation (cause we all know how easy that is to do in Melbourne, and it’s likely to be safer than living in our house/s), bonds and rent in advance, and ask all the backpackers to move on (lol).

The immediate effects of this are obvious to us. Matt, Nik and Pip have lost their place of residence. Magnet has lost a solid and vital income stream.

Moreland Council are coming on Tuesday to inspect the entire property (ie. the rehearsal studios, the recording facilities, shared space & garden etc ) and decide whether or not our beloved business is still able to operate.


Rules is Rule: Why Don’t We Have A Permit?

I know right ? Moreland City Council indicate it takes over 6 months to process a planning permit application. When we took on the space, Matt knew we couldn’t afford this downtime if we were to get the project off on a financially stable foot. We took a gamble in operating without a permit .  



Despite operating without a planning permit, we ARE able to still operate as a business ( which is a very promising gesture from MCC ). You can still rehearse here, you can record here, you can still come and chill in the garden, you can still let your instruments go wild, and honestly, now more than ever, we need more of that!       


How Do We Push Back?

We’ve incurred a minor setback in the grand scheme of things. Now we need to be assertive.  

The council is an organisation put in place to cherish & serve the community, so let’s show them what we look like.  

We’re part of a passionate community of artists, studios, creative hubs, gig spaces and learning centres that make up Melbourne’s integral, unique, diverse & fucking cool art / music scene. We hold, conduct and and promote a safe creative space within which art – expression, languages, communication and thus community is able to thrive.  

We know Moreland City Council’s primary key objective in their current Art’s & Culture strategy is to  

“strengthen, develop and support creative spaces and cultural assets in Moreland”.

We truly hope our next engagement with MCC on Tuesday will promote and affirm this objective.


How Can You Help?

This is a call to you, our community members, to COME TO MAGNET and show your support! Come and hang out, have a cup of tea, come and rehearse!

Share this status, tell ya mates that we’re the coolest place on the block. Those friendly faces we see everyday? Those wacked tracks you’re practising? Bring them here, y’all.

If you were thinking of rehearsing here during the day this week, do it on Tuesday!

Big love to you all.

– Magnet <3