Spatial Studio

Live, Light, Expansive, Reflective and Resonant – this is an incredibly unique purpose-built performance, recording and reamplification studio, with 24 sends and 8 returns to and from the control room.



Ample natural light illuminates this 8m x 10m concrete & plaster studio. Hanging from the  6.5m ceiling on one side of the studio are wool drapes which can be drawn or opened to further subdue or excite the ambience. Either way, you’ll probably be finding yourself turning your reverb units down.

Rod Cooper & The Vessel

Rod Cooper & The Vessel

The generous acoustical environment of the Spatial enhances both acoustic and amplified instruments, by providing ample air within which your sound may develop, encouraging your music to breathe.

The large space available enables both a wide variety of ensembles & recording methods.