Magnet is a home for Creation.

  • Ground level
  • 5 sound treated rooms built inside cool rooms, opening out onto the garden.
    • 2 of these rooms are joined by a window and mic plates, set up as a tracking studio and mixing/mastering studio
  • 25 storage bays
  • Garden – thriving ecosystem, medicinal herbs, food, cactus
  • Workshop space (electronics, woodworking, metal works et al)
  • Spatial Studio (events, performances, workshops, film production, photography)
  • Pentagon – sound treated central space
  • Shared Space – toilet, kitchenette, exhibition lighting
  • Load-in – natural light, great visual arts studio space
  • Bunker – sound treated for an incredible drum sound
  • Cave and Iso Booth – for close captures, vocal, podcast and audiobook recordings
  • Upstairs
  • 1 large room with windows out to load in
  • 1 medium room with windows to Roosevelt St and heaps of natural light
  • 1 large open area with large windows and city views, good for co-working
  • Kitchen
  • Shower + Toilet

Transformative. Creative. Immersive. Live. Multisensory. Intimate. Expansive. Sound. Light.  Virtual. Augmented. Real. Sudden. Gradual. Loving. Careful. Jarring. Hopeful. Lost. Unknown. Dark. Inviting. Intense. Reflective. Sheer. Relentless. Relenting. Brave. Kind. Alive. Inspired. United. Nurtured. Held. Open. Embodied. Electric. Ecstatic. Safe. Entrancing. New. Relaxing. Shimmering. Radiant. Spectacular. Experimental. Deep. Healing