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Magnet Rehearsal and Recording Studios

Located in Coburg North and just a 20 minute drive from both Tullamarine airport or Melbourne’s CBD, Magnet Studios offer a uniquely inspiring, spacious, clean and green rehearsal and recording facility at prices accessible to all musicians and sound artists.

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A recycled mushroom farm, we now use the renovated space to grow a louder variety of culture – the practice and production of sound and music. Magnet was built ‘from the ground up’ by engaged and down-to-earth human beings.

We are committed to creating, promoting & sustaining an inclusive and supportive space in which all members of our community feel safe and comfortable whilst developing and practicing diverse modes of expression

We consider expression essential in discovering, experiencing and fulfilling our each unique sense of purpose in ‘the world’. We believe these processes fundamentally affirm stronger community members, and thus stronger communities.

We consider it a privilege to offer a space which is open to all members of the music community, regardless of their level of “expertise”, to feel welcome and encouraged to explore their areas of sound practice.

Although we are a ( honest and ethical ) ‘for profit’ business, our direction & strategies are largely informed by our commitment to community building, sustainability and reconciliation.