The Convoy – Spectral Heart Encounter
18 December 2020, 8:30pm


with The Convoy

Spectral Heart Encounter

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Journey with The Convoy. Realise alive, immersive, tactile sound-to-light reality.

Movements Shadow Flow. Strobes Enliven. Golden. Presence. Sound Pressure Level.Total Environment. Blazing. Volume: Voluminous. Drum. Drum. Drums. Reverberance. Awakes. Shake. Move. Stay in the Same Place.

Experience The Oracle, not a wall, a bridge of sound. Where synchronicity powers our higher intuitions unanimously transmitting vast, deep and immense volumes of spectral vibration.

Content: Strobes, haze & high sound pressure level.

8.30 pm | 11 Roosevelt St, North Coburg, Melbourne, Australia | $24 Seated