‘Clearing’ Studios

Ok, this is super vital to keeping the studio rolling with the least amount of stress endured, for both you and the other studio coordinators.

We begin the process of moving into this status when a band departs a studio. Before we can make the change though, there’s a few actions  on the physical which, once performed, enable this status change on the digital.


Misc rubbish and disorder has been tended to. We are physically & energetically clearing the studio – does it feel fresh ?

3 x resident mic cables have been rolled with love , velcro’ed and hanging on their hook.

3 x resident mic stands tightened and placed orderly back home

Milk crates stacked neatly in the corner or against a wall

Whiteboard on the door has been erased

If there are no further bookings in this studio today, the PA has been switched off ( first speakers, then mixer/eq at the wall )

Ideally, the room has also been vacuumed.


Lovely last step – change the status to ‘clear’ and update.