Co-Op Conversation

Erin Taylor/ November 30, 2020/ Co-Op, Meeting Notes/ 0 comments

Hi everyone, a great chat has been had today !

  • We agreed “Skill sharing workshops” will be the first “stream” of activity at Magnet to manifest together.
  • Sorcha will create an Expression of Interest document which will become a “skill share EOI” page on the website.
  • Co-Op members will be invited to “instruct”  a workshop
  • Interested Co-Op members will meet together to learn together how to create ‘Classes’ for the ‘Schedule’ on the Magnet website
  • …Sanctuary…
  • Talk about the space as a flexible gallery / exhibition space.
  •  An emphasis on sharing, documentation, transforming the hyper-local to extend out globally. We will do this using primarily the blog on the Magnet website, and social media (and adjacents) secondarily.
  • There was some last min talk about logistics, public liability and safety, Covid-19 plan, and the need for a dedicated online platform for communicating

Nice one. That’s all for today!

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