Simon Maisch


I gained an interest in recording bands through creating my own music when I was young, using early versions of cubase and other sequencing programs, becoming particularly fascinated with drum samples, distortion, long delays, reverb, cassettes and tape machines. This slowly turned into recording both my own and friends bands in Hobart, in houses, sheds, a church – any room with an interesting acoustic.

I love cold, dark production, and am obsessed with stark reverbs and large spaces, and have found refuge in Magnet?s cold flat concrete surfaces. Regardless of personal tastes however, I believe every album calls for a distinct texture, and the artist should dictate the sound, not the engineer… the most important process during recording is facilitating an environment where this can be explored and not just discussed.

I?ve worked with a variety of bands, including Bitumen, All The Weathers, Whitney Houston?s Crypt, Treehouse, Eyesores, Hi-Tec Emotions, Naked, and many more.

I exist outside of Magnet as a technician for a audio research laboratory at RMIT University, sound system designer, live sound engineer, and a collaborative artist on various sound works (Collective Return, Mona Foma; ATSTBT, Melbourne Festival). I?ve been involved in interdisciplinary sound research, have coordinated multi-channel audio gallery installs and sound diffusion performances, as well as mixed many venues and worked at various levels of production and stage management (Dark Mofo, Paradise, The 24 Hour Experience).

You can find my musical outlet at