Magnet Ethos

Magnet is an environment where our creative community can perceive, explore, express, manifest and share artistic impulses, visions and connections. We promote this culture by embodying the values held by the business and our community.

As part of the Magnet family I facilitate a safe space, offer respect for all individuals and value all expressions of self, sexuality and gender. I do this by being myself, by making all feel welcome and extending care and help to all those on the property.

I guide with a calm and collected presence. If I see someone doing something that doesn’t seem right I interject. If I sense someone is vulnerable or needs help I take initiative and assist. I contribute meaningfully in big and small ways.

I am part of a community that seeks to innovate new ways of being and doing, offering an alternative to the patriarchal and earth destroying systems by being conscious of sustainability in all areas – economic, social and cultural. I understand the significance of the creative spirit and participate in nourishing it’s multifaceted expression. I see no stranger, and treat every interaction with our community as an opportunity to authentically connect with and see and hear others fully.

I understand the chemistry of our ethos can be realised through both the seen and unseen details of caring for the property, the garden and each other. By working to keep spaces as clean and clear as possible. By keeping pathways clear. By maintaining the atmosphere of tidiness and nourishment that permeates in seen and unseen ways. I uphold the example of respect that the community shares with the space. I create an environment of hospitality and comfort. I understand that care can be communicated with by voice, my body language and the way that I engage with the material that surrounds me. I make myself available and am always on hand if needed. I offer guidance and access to all of Magnets facilities so that the space functions as best as possible for our community’s needs.


I am a proud representative and ambassador. I hold the charge, I am the Magnet.