Property Overview

Entering from Roosevelt St…

Wormfarm, Bins, Space for 5 Cars Under here, or other stuff
The roller door to the Load In. Street Frontage
Iso Booth . sssh,
Staircase Up To…
Bunker – The most Sound Treatment, Concrete Floor, open windows to cave. Sorcha’s got dibs
Cave – Concrete Floor, some Sound Treatment, thoroughfare to Iso and upstairs.
Load in – Natural light, Concrete Floor, Roller door to driveway, thoroughfare to bunker and cave, door to Shared Space. Sarah and Jake’s studio.
Toilet – Automated light, not quite wheelchair accessible
Venue Space – Concrete Floor, White Walls & lighting = Gallery potential, Basic kitchenette stuff, the fridge lives here.
Pentagon room – Flexible exhibition space. 1 person experiences Concrete Floor, Sound Treatment, 2 doors. Sub bed, reflection space,  And / Or bar / tickets / cloak room
Spatial – Natural light (can be 95% blacked out), Concrete Floor. Showcase Performance Space, Photography/Videography Space. Noise from the world both inside and beyond the gate enters at will.
Workshop – Cutting Benches, Spray Booth, Electronics Workshop, Movable Benches, Storage, Bits and Pieces to be used
Workshop Storage Bays – 9 Times
Workshop Entrance- Fridge, Washing Machine, Deep Freeze. Cool rooms begin here…
Storage Bays, 4 times,  made from MDF, Mushrooms, Bits and pieces
5. Healing – Erin’s gongs Lights, Carpet, 360 taffeta fort, Gongs, Singing Bowls, Massage Table, Singing Bowls, Alter, space for moving
4. Dreaming – MjF rests here. Fan, Lights, Carpet Sound Treatment, Dreaming Resting Writing Dressing Meditating Toning, Dressing
3. Living – Sarah’s bedroom. Fan, Lights, Carpet, Resting, Dreaming, Hanging, Exercising, Relaxing, Drawing, Dancing, Playing, Dressing
Storage bays. 5 times. Built modularly from MDF, can remove and reuse easily.
2. Listening – Midas Console, Monitor Speakers, Sound Treatment, Carpet, Couch, Window (Line of Sight) Talkback and lines through to playing
1. Playing – Sound Treatment, Mix of Carpet and Concrete Floor, Drum kit, Guitar and Bass amps, Vocal Booth, Couch Microphones, Window and Lines through to listening
Garden Path
Gate. Billboard. Street Frontage Garden. 5 Car Carport.
2 Pomegrant Trees, A Fejoia tree, Edible Leaves & Medicine. More Natives, decaying organ. Walking access to workshop & studios. Seated areas.
Epic Rear Garden – Medicinal Herbs, Fruit Trees, Olive Trees, Vegetable Garden, Succulents, Outdoor Tables, Outdoor chairs, Fire Pit, Concrete Block Stage, Bath tub
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