Grab The Wheel

Hurry Up!


Hi, I’m Matt. 

I am speaking to you from Magnet. A home for creative communities, which I built in Naarm/Melbourne Australia on unceded Wurundjeri Land. 

When I arrived here, the factory was used as a mushroom farm. And I transformed it into a multipurpose arts space. I’ve hosted band rehearsals, recording sessions, film productions, photo shoots, and curated many live performances. It’s been a sanctuary for Melbourne’s experimental arts scene. 

I’ve given my life for the past 8 years to building and holding this space because I wanted to help my community grow. Knowing in turn, the world would grow and transform. And right now, it feels like the world needs this space more than ever. But I have to leave now, I have to go home to my family in Aoteroa, New Zealand. 

So I have a choice to make. It’s a choice that I can’t make without you. The choice is to create or destroy. 

I can either give it all away, or I have to smash it all down, and,

I want to give it all to you. 

We don’t have much time. 

On the 6th of April I will need to tell the landlord whether we sign a new lease, or we begin to pull it all down. 

So here’s what I need. 

I need someone who is ready to receive this gift. I need someone who wants to run this space. My gift comes with a business plan, a website, a budget, equipment, customers, a community, and everything it needs to float. 

It has since 2013. You just have to grab the wheel. 

If you’re not ready to grab the wheel, maybe you know the person, or people, who are. Please share this message with them. 

And if you want to come and use this space, tell me. Show me you value this space for your creative expression. Whether we create, or destroy it I need your help and I want you to be a part of it. We can only do this together. I need critical mass. Please share this message with anyone and everyone you know. 

And if you are able to donate, please do. We need all the help we can get. 

Thank you, 

Peace, love

And infinite gratitude


e:**from off camera “wooooohoooo”: e 

m: Cool, that’s enough here hey? : m

b:Yeah : b

Cool : m

Good job : e

You just forgot the last line, we need all the help we can get : b

Aoah : m