Intro to Magnet

Magnet Melbourne is a large multi-purpose studio space built

heart / mind / soul

At it’s heart of Magnet Melbourne offers affordable access to studio space to a diverse creative community.??

We do this mindfully – knowing and combating capitalist modes of doing business

Soul – Facilitating self-guided art therapy. Exploration, innovation, meaning, nourishment, play

As studio coordinators our role is to nurture this community by facilitating access to these spaces.


Our studios are coordinated through 3 channels.

Rehearsal Studios

Recording Studio

Spatial Studio

These channels bookings occur in different parts of the facility.

Floorplan (pending)


As a studio coordinator, the tasks we do include


Welcoming, coordinating and assisting studio users

Taking and administrating bookings

Taking and administrating payments

Setting up studios

Answering phone calls, voicemails & emails





The key to smooth sailing at Magnet is together coordinating to manage our shared time effectively.

By preparing in advance for the happenings at Magnet, which is information available to us through Our Bookings we are performing, promoting, valuing and honouring our each and collective enjoyment of a low-stress, organised and creative spacetime at Magnet.