Skill Share Expression of Interest

Skill Share – Expression of Interest

Please provide as much information regarding your proposed workshops as possible to help plan the best way to utilise space and resources to make it happen.


Please put the name of the person(s) responsible for the workshop

TBP (To Be Programmed) – add a “Add Another” button here for inputting additional instructors


Does your workshop require additional assistants?


Would you like support from us developing your proposed workshop

Type of Skill(s)

Please describe the primary skill that you would like to share and how you would like to do this

It would also be interesting to know some common uses for this skill share, or what you feel your participants will get out of the workshop(s)

Please also advise if there is a particular age group or marginalised group, etc that you would like to teach this skill to.

(Bear in mind that participants below 18 will require all instructors to have current Working With Children Checks, more info can be found here:

Proposed Outcome

What do you want your participants to make/learn/do in this workshop?

Date, Duration and Frequency of the Workshop(s)

How many sessions and over what time period?

What is the duration of your proposed workshop (per session)

When would you like to run this workshop?
Please add any other information around your preferred workshop date/s


What type of space(s) do you require to run this workshop? Is there already a space at Magnet that you believe would be most suitable? Is there a space that may require modifications, etc? Discuss.


What equipment do you require to run your workshop?

Do you already have this equipment?

What equipment will need to be acquired? How will you do this?

Participants and Price

Consider the wording in this section more

Ideally, how many people would you be designing this workshop for (keeping in mind COVID safe procedures)


What is your preferred price per participant?

Maybe this bit happens after the EOI is run?


Work Safe Victoria has a checklist that you can use to identify safety hazards and risks for your proposed workshop. Please complete this form and return with your EOI.
You can find the form at

Further Information

If there is any further information regarding your proposed workshop(s) please list and discuss key points.