Spatial Studio

Our Spatial Studio is an incredibly unexpected distinct space.

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The Spatial Studio features vaulted 7m high ceilings with a band of natural light from the ceiling during the day, concrete walls flank the sides creating both wonderful reverberations and a visually arresting backdrop and cathedral like atmosphere.

Two white plaster walls enable the space to be utilised for exhibitions, presenting visual work, and a neutral backdrop for projections.

As well as forming one aspect of our recording studios this unique 80 square meter is suited to a wide range of uses – videography, dance, workshops, talks, photo shoots, performances, exhibitions and whatever else you can dream up.  Get in touch to enquire spatial[a]

Spatial Studio Rates

All bookings require a 20% non-refundable deposit
3 Hours$78
6 Hours$140
9 Hours$200
12 Hours$250
Saturday 6pm - MidnightCall or Email to inquire
Additional Hours (before midday)$48 p/h

This space includes

2 x Trestle Tables

Flexible seating 40

2 x 500w cool white halogen lights (installed in the ceiling)

Potential noise bleed from rehearsal studios during standard operating hours

Potential noise bleed from airplanes and the world during the worlds standard operating hours


Studio standard operating hours

Sunday – Friday: Midday to Midnight
Saturday: Midday to 6pm
Sunday: Midday to 9pm