Important Information – Spatial Studio

Before you book
Please familiarise yourself with this info to get a feel for what we can facilitate and get in touch with any questions or queries.

Commercial Rates
Apply where income is over 50k per annum.

Light / Dark
A skylight strip features across the entire length of the roof, natural light abounds in daylight hours so please be aware during the day the light will change as the day does. There are two large 500w cool white halogen work lights installed in the ceiling with switches located by the door.
The space can be Blacked-Out on request, there is a $90 fee for this.
Feel free to make it, the Spatial Studio is also part of our Recording Studio, and has lines running into the Control Room and the incredible Midas Console. Please be aware that the roof is tin, which may make it unsuitable for some acoustic recording projects (depending on your relationship with synchronicity and environment) as we can have a number of planes going overhead, and noises from the outside world (including Rehearsal Studios, rowdy cars, rain etc) may seep in.
We cannot supply ladders, or support folks working at or above 2 metres without the appropriate safety credentials.
Smoke Machines
Please talk to us before your session if you are thinking of using Haze, Smoke or Fog machines lest the smoke detectors get set off.
240v (4 dual outlets, all running of the same circuit breaker)
Heating / Cooling
We are yet to find an environmentally sound way to warm the volume of space, so there is none. It can get a bit chilly in winter but the Shared Space is always nice and cosy. Similarly there is no air conditioning in the Spatial Studio, though the Shared Space retains a cool atmosphere.
Is eternal and terrible for the environment. Please find other ways to express the multiplicity of your inner sparkles
If you’re creating a set that involves a lot of water, let’s have a chat first to discuss how this might work
Flexible seating for up to 40
Available to Hire
PA Package ($140)

On the day

When you arrive
Head to our Reception area (at the end of the Driveway), we take payment on arrival (if you haven’t settled online prior) and can show you around
You are welcome to use the driveway to bump in and out, but please be mindful that other studio users also need to use it so and move your car as quickly as possible. If there are parks in the carport you are welcome to park there, otherwise there is plenty of unmetered and untimed parks on the street.
We appreciate you returning the space to the same level of tidiness as you found it, let us know if you need to borrow anything to help with that.
Kitchen and Toilet
Our Kitchen and Toilet facilities are shared with all Studio users, so please just be mindful to leave enough space so that everyone can feel at home