Answering the Phone

Hello Magnet, this is __________



  • I’d like to book a room



No worries, when were you looking to book?




Was an am or pm sessions that you were looking for?


Night time



  • Booked out



Sorry but it looks like all of our rehearsal rooms are booked out but I will just check if the Bunker is free still… Have you been in there before?




Oh cool, it’s part of the recording studio so it’s up the top end of the studio, and there’s no noise bleed from any of the other rooms


Unfortunately that’s already been booked as well, but I can chuck you on the waiting list if you like?


Cool, I’ll just grab your name….

And is there a band or a project name? ……..

And what’s the best number to get you on ……..


Sweet, we’ll book you in. Just to remind we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Keep an eye out for the confirmation email and we will see you then.



  • Sure thing, have you booked here before?