Book a Studio

All of our studios can be booked online at our website. Whether it’s us placing the booking, or a customer booking themselves in, the process is the same. ( excluding the spatial studio and recording studio )

Each of our channels have their own booking calendar. To access them On the backend menu , hover over Book a Studio and select the studio type you would like to book.

You’ll be taken to the booking calendar.

Where you just need to select the date on the calendar, then enter the start and finish time on the side bar.

Once that’s done, you’ll be shown the price and options to checkout with or without choosing hire gear .

Checking out is really simple, we just fill out the form entering

-customer name

-band name

-address (we use Magnet’s address when taking phone bookings)

-email address

-phone number

Then we select our payment method ( pay on arrival, paypal or Orbs ), check the terms and conditions box and click ‘place order ‘.


Before we move on, some more stuff about bookings?

Whenever a booking is made

-a new order is created,

-a new contact is created,

-a new invoice is created in Xero

-a confirmation email is sent to both customer and to us ( studios@)


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