Closing / Packdown

After a band goes home:

  • Any amps etc that have been hired should be returned to rehearsal hire gear storage??
  • Drumkits can be left in the studio
  • PA gets turned off (first speakers, second mixer/eq)
  • XLRS rolled and hung orderly on mic stands near the mixer
  • Vacuuming happens (be sure to get under the drumkit if it?s staying in the room, so if it needs to get moved the next day it doesn?t need to be done again)
  • Turn off lights, fans and close both doors


Once all of the rehearsal rooms are closed up make sure that the Spatial, Control Room, Bunker, Cave and Load In doors are locked (switch off the outside lights before you lock the Load-In) – as well as the Fire and Ramp Doors.


Keys back on shelf, phone and iPad on to charge, workshop turned off, reception lights off, door closed and padlocked.


Bring in the sign and close / padlock the gate.