Opening & Closing Checklists

Opening / Start of Session

Phone in pocket ready to be answered
Voicemails checked
Rooms allocated
Rooms Clean
PA and lights on (PA/EQ first then Speakers)
Hire gear checked and in rooms
Bins checked and empty / in order
Space warming music on
Hallway lamp on
Gate open and sign out
Friendly face sitting at desk waiting to greet and direct

Reminder of payment on arrival
Microphones provided (Note added to order)
Payments collected
Receipt Sent

If evening turn Lights on
?Outside light? switch in loading bay
Carpark lights on (switch located in Carport)

End of Session
Hire gear put away
(Drumkits can be left in place but drum stick debris to be vacuumed)
If room not needed for next session PA off (Speakers off first, then PA/EQ off at wall)
Room vacuumed and tidy
Lights and fan off (all switches near light switch)


Mics and cables in order
Voicemails checked
Rehearsal doors locked
Bins emptied where needed
Phone on to charge
Padlock on Reception and storage bays
Ramp door locked
Hallway light off
Spatial and Control Room Doors locked

Albert on to charge

Cash Pouch next to Albert

Keys next to Albert
Outside lights switched off
Shared space lights off
Fire door locked from outside
Carport lights off
Sign brought in
Gate locked