Setting Space

The most important aspect of space setting for the rehearsal studios is that the space is clean, clear, warmly welcoming and comfortable/safe. We also need to set out the equipment that folks need.

Rooms clear, tidy and vaccumed
3 Mic cables (neatly rolled), 3 Mic stands (neatly arranged) in each room
Names chalked on doors
Hire gear set up

Bins have space
Concrete paths swept

Sign is out the front
Outside lights go on as needed.

People arrive anywhere from 30 minutes early to hours after the scheduled session start time. Reception needs a friendly welcoming human presence from 10 minutes before the start time.
People can arrived pretty scattered from their day, I tend to light a stick of incense which I find helps ground the situation.
Folks might come and ask which room they are in, this is a great chance to remind about payment on arrival.
If people are looking super lost check if they have been here before – if not give them a tour, but if no time just let them know the direction of toilet / kitchen.