Order Status Flow


Here’s a nice picture to show you how it works :

All things going well, we follow the green road moving from one status to the next.

It’s important that we follow this sequence, because each status change triggers automated processes which take place behind the scenes.


The Status’ also represent us signing off the various ‘stuff’ we have to do to keep Magnet ticking along.

Booked – this is the default Status that new, unpaid, bookings come through with.

Arrived – they are here, and we’ve greeted them,  directed them to the studio, and if 1st timers, given them the speel

Paid – the Order is paid for. However, you can still add other products (eg hire gear, earplugs, drumsticks) after this point, but don’t forget to also take payment for them at the time you add them.

Clear – the studio is clear and tidy, with all hired and borrowed equipment accounted for and returned to the coordinator area ( except if it’s a drumkit, which live in the studios unless not required ). The whiteboard on the door has been erased, and ideally the studio is also vacuumed.

Completed – This is the final sign off, acknowledging the journey above.

Additionally, Orders that are paid for with Paypal come through with this ‘completed‘ status. More about Orders paid with Paypal here