Our Bookings

Our bookings grants us the ability to look forwards through time at the various bookings that are we are approaching.

There are calendars for each of our sub/channels. We have the option to display the bookings as either a list, or a calendar.


List view

Displays a list of our bookings,with information about the session time and duration, and contact person, in chronological order of when they are occurring:


Calendar View

Displays the booking information as a calendar.

Calendar view is perfect for getting an overview of our bookings. If we hover over the bookings we are also shown additional info ( session time, contact details ) about the booking.


Both of these views can come in handy. Calendar view is a good first port of call to get an overview, but sooner or later your going to need to to open theĀ OrderĀ which accompanies the booking,? which is where list view reigns supreme.

Here the magical ‘order ID’ ( more on this later ) is presented as a link, which when clicked will open a new tab with the Order associated with the booking .

Before we move on, a few more things about bookings

  • Bookings only exist until the session date of the booking.. Once we surpass the booking date, the booking vanishes, never to be seen again.


  • Bookings have a status . By default, they are approved, but they can also be cancelled.


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