Split Bill

Split Bills

Key points


Although it’s our responsibility to ensure total payment is made, it’s the bands responsibility to manage splitting the bill, not ours.  I’ve found the question ‘How much would you like to pay’ helps to place the management of this process in the customers court.

If confusion emerges, then intervene in the process to clarify the total and provide assistance in working out how that might be split.

If it’s complicated and the band is confused, ask to gather the whole band together at reception to go through the payment process in full

If it’s complicated and you are confused, add Order notes to keep track of split payments.

Albert ( our Eftpos machine) has a helpful ‘split payment’ function you can access from the home menu. However, if you use this feature you do need to pay the full amount in one process ( ie you can’t being this and wait 10 mins for another band member to arrive ).