The First Timers Speel

So the band has just arrived & they are coming looking for you.

Here’s what to do / say:

1 Say hello & identify the booking:

Howdy, are you here to rehearse? Great, What name is the booking under ?

2 Confirm booking details 

Sure, so we’ve got you booked in for a 3 hour with a drumkit & cymbals ?

3 Give them the price and ask if they’d like to pay now. 

It’s $85 for that, would you like to pay now ?

if that’s a no

4 Tell them we take payment on arrival make arrangements 

That’s fine, once the rest of your band arrives if you can make your way back here to reception we can take the payment then.

5 Ask if they need any microphones 

6 Direct them to the studio & give load in instructions

We’ve got you in studio 2 today, which is…

The kitchen and toilet are up the ramp just outside this door and to your left.

Have you got gear in your car ? Your welcome to drive down our driveway to load in, just park your car out front when your done.

One last thing – if you need help and I’m not at this desk just press the button on the door just outside ,

7 Gratitude and well wishes !