Winter Reception Hours

/ May 17, 2022

Winter Reception Hours

Rehearsal Studio Reception will close @ 7.30pm

To support the wellbeing of our staff, rehearsal studio reception will close at 7.30pm between 1 June and 31 August.

That means all payments will be taken on arrival, as well as sorting out any extra hire gear (drum kits, amps) or shop items (ear plugs, drum sticks, picks, 9V adapters, etc).

You’ll still be able to call for assistance – staff will be nearby, rugged up in warmer pastures.

Finishing up

To support the reduced reception hours, we’ll be asking you to close up your rehearsal room. When you finish your session, please:

  1. Power down the studio (PA speakers/amp first, then mixer)
  2. Leave all mics, cables and hire gear in the rooms
  3. Turn off the lights
  4. Close the door behind you 🙂

Thank you for working with us!